D.A.Q. coupling is easily attached and detached.  It is retained by lock rings bearing on the foresight.  All steel, hot bath gun blued.

Muzzle thread is 1/2-20 or 1/2-28 U.S.-N.F.  $35. each.*
  Note: For Mk III Ruger bull barrels send micrometer measurements (.000).

Please state the thread size you want.  If no thread size if listed, I will send 1/2-20. 

*Effective Oct.14, 2015  Ruger Target (heavy tapered barrel) & Ruger Bull barrel couplings with 1/2-20 or 1/2-28 threads are $40. each.  Other thread sizes are $5. additional.
See detailed explanation at bottom of this page.

Dec. 17, 2016: Standard Auto couplings with 1/2-28 threads are in stock.

 Other thread sizes 7/16-14, 3/8-24, 1/2-32 can be made on special order (allow 3-4 weeks).  These sizes are $40. each
Thread adaptors allow you to adapt a coupling to all MAC, HE & SWD threads.

For .22 rimfire rifles & pistols.  If the gun is not listed below, I don't have it.  I do not make custom couplings.

Available from stock, $35. each:

Colt Woodsman 5/8" diameter Round Barrel (non-tapered) 
   with 1/8" blade sight (same as barrel pictured above.) IN STOCK

Ruger 10/.22 Rifle standard barrel only (the .920 diameter
   bull barrel must use a Maxim coupling because it does not
   have a front sight.)
Ruger Pistols--see below
Ruger Target (heavy tapered barrel) $40. each. 
Ruger Bull barrel $40. each

See the Order Blank page for shipping cost click here

AR-7 were made during the approximate dates by the following manufacturers:
    Discontinued, limited to available stock

   1959-1973 Armalite
   1973-1990 Charter Arms
   1990-1997 Survival Arms
   1997 & currently Henry Arms none for this model
   1998 & currently AR-7 Industries
   All the barrels use a rifled steel liner with the rest of the barrel being aluminum
   or plastic.  The aluminum barrels were painted, some with a thin flat coat & some
   with a wrinkle finish, which can be quite thick.  The difference in paint thickness
   affects the coupling's fit. For a proper fit, send only the barrel (insured.) 
   Address it to Dept. AR-7.  If you ship the barrel to me 
   enclose $10. additional for return shipping and insurance 
   ($15. total for shipping.)

000_0177coupling edit 01.jpg (40021 bytes)000_0186coupling option 1.jpg (36864 bytes)

DAQ Couplings for Ruger Pistols:
   Note: not all pistols before the MkII's are MkI's.
   The MkI is a target pistol with a 6-7/8" tapered or 5-1/2"
   Bull barrel.  The others are Standard Auto model with
   4-3/4" or 6" tapered barrels.
Please state: 1) type (Std. Auto, Bull barrel, etc.), 2) barrel length, 3) if the barrel is tapered (light taper, heavy taper or no taper), 4) thread size.  Barrel is measured from breech face/chamber to muzzle.

Note:  For Mk III Ruger bull barrels send micrometer measurements (.000).
Out of stock

Both the Ruger Target (heavy Ruger Bull barrel couplings, with 1/2-20 or 1/2-28 threads, are $40. each.  Other thread sizes, 7/16-14, 3/8-24, 1/2-32, are $45. each.

All other couplings listed above are $35. with 1/2-20 or 1/2-28 threads.
See the Order Blank page for shipping cost click here

All inquiries must include an Self Addressed Stamped Envelope.  No SASE, no response.  
If ordering one of the above couplings, no SASE is needed.

D.A.Q.,  Goodson MO 65663