Muzzle Weights
Steel, knurled and blued.  Available with 1/2-20 threads only.
Weight added at the muzzle puts the center of gravity well forward of the hand grip and reduces barrel weaving when you're trying to hold the gun steady for accurate shooting. Discontinued, limited to stock on hand
1" diameter (meant for Ruger & High Standard Bull barrel couplings.)
3/4" diameter (for all other couplings.)

          1 1/4oz          $3.50          
          1 1/2oz            3.75                          

Weights are not to the nth degree.

000_0151Duro edit1.jpg (63736 bytes)Duro Short Target Compensator  1 1/2" long, threaded 1/2-20.  Out of stock
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000_0155Flash edit2.jpg (50722 bytes)Flash Suppressor  1  7/8" long, 3/4" diameter, threaded 1/2-20.  
                                                                                                                       Out of stock

H.S. Target Compensator 000_0188HS comp side view crop1.jpg (32450 bytes)000_0148HScomp top view crop 1.jpg (55506 bytes)
  Thread on version of  High Standard's compensator for their target guns.
  For use on threaded barrel or coupling.  1/2-20 thread.  Out of stock

Requires fitting;  no fitting charge if coupling is ordered at the same time.

Beer/Soda Can Launcher

Threaded 1/2-20 to fit threaded barrels or D.A.Q. coupling.  Use .22 rimfire blanks to launch empty soda or beer cans.  Can be used instead of clay birds for shotgun practice, for battle re-enactment grenade launching or for training dogs to retrieve. 
Out of stock

Swiss Compensator

000_0160SWISS edit1.jpg (156884 bytes)000_0158SWISS option2.jpg (99965 bytes)

A Compensator needs to be more than just crossed-drilled holes.  SWISS design, as used on long range military sniping rifles.   $40. Discontinued; limited to calibers listed below.

Sniper Rifle Compensator and Flash Suppressor for use on Center fire bolt action rifles of .22 to 30 cal.   5 radial slots, none on the bottom, to prevent raising dust.
Specify thread size and caliber.
Thread sizes: U.S.      3/4-16 (4 available)
                       Metric: 15 x 1.5mm for HK .30 cal. (one available)


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