Muzzle Couplings
for .22 rimfire rifles & pistols
51 years of making muzzle couplings

Also D.A.Q. thread adaptors, muzzle weights, compensators, stabilizers, soda can launchers, tranquilizer dart projector & thread protectors.

Website updated November 22, 2023

Muzzle couplings DAQ lock ring type

Accessories Muzzle weights, soda can launcher, compensators & 
                       flash hider

Press-on couplings Maxim type

Thread adaptors Adapts one size thread to another  Updated 3/23/19

Thread protectors Protects the threads on a muzzle coupling or 
                                  threaded barrel 

Close out items One of a kind items that are no longer made (thread
                              adaptors, muzzle couplings, compensators)

The Gun Show Table  Miscellaneous gun parts, one of a kind, like you'd 
                                        find at a gun show.  

Tranquilizer dart projector set


Taps & dies

Measuring Thread Size

Order blank  Print this out and mail to order.  Also includes types of
                       payments accepted, shipping fee and ordering information.


About DAQ


All inquiries and Gun Show Table orders only must include an Self Addressed Stamped Envelope.  No SASE, No response.  If ordering one of my catalog products, no SASE is needed.